For they are many (SEGA LOTS)

There's loads of stuff I come across during my travels on Ebay and Yahoo auctions. There's the 'regular stuff', the 'stuff that's been on for ages and never sells', the 'dodgy stuff', the 'rare gems' and finally there's 'lots'. I'm not talking about the Corpse Killer 32X CD lots that are being sold for ages or the crappy third party pads that nobody wants.. I'm talking about lots you'll probably never own (why would you?) but are a 'nice' thing to see, anyway. Enjoy.

'But I wanted the Derby Stallion edition!'

..and more. Is this Yu Suzuki's garage, perchance?

You needed software too, right?

Behold the eleven magical floating copies of Yumumimix Remix. Oh wait, it's just the picture.

This picture was saved on my harddisk as 'grabapad.jpg' ^_^

Naturally, I've also catered for the NiGHTS fans..

..and those of Virtua Fighter

Rambo would be proud

To find such a box after all this time..quite special, really.

If you ever needed proof Game Ware 3 is definitely NOT rare..

No, not 12 but 36 games.

Go on and get your ass online!

Some Japanese sampler discs..quite easy to find, really.

Hmm..better track down some more fishing rods while I'm at it..


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