In my many searches for cool Saturn imports, my Yahoo auctions searches, my 'looking for general information on an obscure title' searches and many other occasions, there's one thing that I use a LOT. It's the Saturn and Dreamcast game lists on GameFAQs by KinsukeJP. Featuring LOADS of games and info all in a handy text file. While using his
list again recently, I thought it would be nice to ask Kinsuke some questions about his lists and his passion for both the Sega Saturn and Dreamcast..


S.F: You seem like a big Saturn / Dreamcast fan, why the love for these systems?

KinsukeJP: I like the Saturn because there are so many 2D games, shmups, fighting games and adventures. I also like SNES 2D games, because I believe these types of two-dimensional art are a culture of Japan, like Ukiyoe. (A Japanese art style - S.F) Also ,because the Saturn almost reached the No.1 place in Japan, but lost it just after the release of FF7 and the announcement of Dragon Quest for PSX. The collapse of the Saturn world was a tragedy, so I was very happy with the release of the Dreamcast. But because of many troubles and the announcement of the PSX-2, Dreamcast couldn't become a success, either. For their tragic history, I always loved these systems and I still do.

S.F: About the Saturn and Dreamcast game lists; when did you start with them? Why?

KinsukeJP: When I started to collect these games, that's the moment I began to make these lists. Mostly because I couldn't remember whether I owned the game or not, when I found a Saturn game in a shop.

Over 1000 games listed..gotta catch them all!

What are the games that were added the last on the Saturn list?

KinsukeJP: Mostly variations. For example; SOTSUGYO III Wedding Bell (Normal Version), Sankyo Fever Jikki Simulations (Normal Version) and Syutsudou! Mini-Ska-Police (Normal Version). I should update the list on GameFAQs sometime..

S.F: Do you think it's possible that there's software out there not on your list?

KinsukeJP: I only found those games recently, so it's possible that other Saturn games will 
be found.

S.F: Do you own all the software on the lists?

KinsukeJP: For the Saturn, all but one; T-13313G - MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM SIDESTORY III (Plastic Case Version). Someone help me find it! For the Dreamcast there's a couple I'm missing.

S.F: Do you have any other projects planned? More game lists? Translations?

KinsukeJP: If the Xbox market in Japan is dead someday, I'll think about it.

S.F: What are your personal favorite Saturn/Dreamcast games?

KinsukeJP: There are so many great games, like NiGHTS, Soul Hackers, Princess Crown...
Beside those famous ones, I personally like...

*Super Tempo: Lovely 2D action game.
*DEJIG McKnight / LASSEN: Simple jigsaw puzzle with BGM, good for killing time.
*Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai II: X-rated 2D Mah-jong game with many bonus features.

These aren't very popular titles in Japan, so I don't recommend paying much for them :-)

Many, many thanks to Kinsuke for this interview.
Make sure you check the out the actual lists on


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