E3 1995 (May 11-13)

The E3 1995 must have been a small nightmare
for the people at SEGA, because apart from promoting their 'shock' Saturn launch (with the PSX, 3DO, CD-I and Jaguar VR systems all on show), there was a whole slew of Genesis, 32X, Sega-CD, Game Gear and Pico software waiting to be showcased (surely that's a record that won't ever be broken). The major titles for Saturn naturally were Daytona USA, Virtua Fighter 2 and Virtua Cop. The 32X 'had' Virtua Fighter, Kolibri and X-Men. Vectorman, Garfield: Caught in the Act, Comix Zone and X-perts were showcased for the Genesis and even the Game Gear had plenty of titles.

The third party support was incredible with plenty of upcoming blockbusters on show. Earthworm Jim 2, Rayman, Mortal Kombat III, Night Warriors: Darkstalker's Revenge, Alien Trilogy and Worms to name just a few. The amount of games that 'didn't make it out in the end' is also quite unbelievable; you should be to count over 40 titles from the list below.



Game System Developer/Publisher
11th Hour Saturn Virgin Interactive Ent.
32Xtreme 32X SEGA
3D Baseball Saturn Crystal Dynamics
Aaahh!!! Real Monsters Genesis / Megadrive Viacom
Adventures of Batman & Robin, the Sega-CD / Game Gear SEGA
Alien Trilogy Saturn Probe / Acclaim
Allegiance Saturn Ocean
Amok Saturn Scavenger
Barkley: Shut up and Jam II Genesis Accolade
Batman Forever Genesis / Saturn Acclaim
Battletech: Grey Death Legion Saturn Absolute
Beethoven's 2nd: Quest for the missing pups Genesis Hi-Tech Entertainment
Beyond Zero Tolerance Genesis / Megadrive Accolade
Blade Runner (press release only) Saturn Virgin Interactive Ent.
Blazing Dragons Saturn Crystal Dynamics
Braindead 13 Sega-CD / Saturn Readysoft
Brutal: Above the Claw 32X Gametek
Bug! Saturn SEGA
Bust-a-move Genesis (?) Taito
Casper Saturn Interplay
Center Ring Boxing Saturn JVC
Chicago Syndicate Game Gear SEGA
Clue Sega-CD Parker Brothers
Comix Zone Genesis / Megadrive SEGA
Congo Saturn SEGA
Converse Hardcore Hoops Saturn Virgin Interactive Ent.
Creature Shock Saturn Argonaut / Data East
Cutthroat Island Genesis / Megadrive Acclaim
Cybersled Saturn Namco
Dark Legends Saturn Data East
Dark Sun Saturn Data East
Daytona USA Saturn SEGA
Deadly Skies Saturn FunCom / JVC
Defcon 5 Saturn Millennium Int. / Data East
Doom Troopers: Mutant Chronicles Genesis Adrenalin / Playmates
Earthworm Jim 2 Genesis / Megadrive Shiny Entertainment
Ecco Jr. Genesis Novotrade / SEGA
Endorfun Saturn Time Warner Interactive
FIFA '96 Saturn / Genesis / GG EA
Foreman for real boxing Genesis / Megadrive Acclaim
Fox Hunt Saturn Capcom USA
Frank Thomas 'Bug Hurt Baseball' Genesis / Saturn Acclaim
Free Runner Saturn Rebellion / SEGA
Garfield: Caught in the act Genesis / Game Gear / 32X SEGA
Gex Saturn Crystal Dynamics
Grand Slam Baseball Saturn SEGA
Heavy Machinary 32X Scavenger
Incredible Toons Saturn Capcom
Iron Helix Sega-CD Spectrum Holobyte
Jack Nicklaus golf '95 Genesis Accolade
Jet Ski Rage Saturn Velocity
Jungle Strike Game Gear THQ
Kartoon Kombat Genesis Technos
Kolibri 32X Novotrade / SEGA
Lion King: Adventures at Pride Rock, the Pico Real Time / SEGA
Lobo Genesis / Megadrive Ocean
Madden '96 (press release only) Saturn / Genesis EA
Mad Dog II: The lost gold Sega-CD American Laser Games
Magic Carpet Saturn Bullfrog / EA
Mask, the Genesis / Megadrive THQ
Michael Jordan in the Windy City Game Gear THQ
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie Genesis / Megadrive / GG SEGA
Minnesota Fats Pool Saturn Data East
Mortal Kombat III Genesis / Megadrive Sculptured Software
NBA Action Saturn SEGA
NBA Jam: Tourmament Edition Saturn Acclaim
NHL All-star Hockey Saturn SEGA
New Horizons (Uncharted Waters) Genesis Koei
NHL '96 (press release only) Genesis / Megadrive THQ
Nightmare Circus Genesis SEGA
Night Warriors: Darkstalker's revenge Saturn Capcom
Off-world interceptor Extreme Saturn Crystal Dynamics
Panzer Dragoon Saturn SEGA
Pebble Beach Golf links Saturn SEGA
Penn and Teller's Smoke and Mirrors Sega-CD / Saturn (!) Absolute
PGA Euro Tour Game Gear THQ
Phantom 2040 Genesis / Megadrive Viacom
Pinocchio Genesis / Megadrive Disney Interactive
Pitfall 32X Activision
Pocahontas Genesis / Megadrive / Pico Disney Interactive / SEGA
Popeye Genesis / Game Gear Technos
Popful Mail Sega-CD Working Designs
Primal Rage Genesis / Megadrive / GG Time Warner Interactive
Prime Time NFL Football Saturn / 32X SEGA
Project Overkill Saturn Konami
Rayman Saturn Ubisoft
Return to Zork Saturn Activision
Revolution X Genesis / Saturn Acclaim
Ratchet & Bolt 32X SEGA?
Risk Sega-CD Parker Brothers
Road Rash Saturn EA
Roll Cage (press release only) Saturn Ocean
Romance of the three Kingdoms IV:
Wall of Fire
Saturn Koei
Separation Anxiety Genesis Acclaim
Shredfest Saturn EA
Sim City 2000 Saturn Maxis / SEGA
Solar Eclipse Saturn Crystal Dynamics
Space Adventure, the Sega-CD / Mega-CD Hudson Soft
Space Pirates Sega-CD American Laser Games
Spider-man: Web of Fire 32X SEGA
Split Realities Saturn JVC
Sporting News Virtual Soccer, the Genesis / Megadrive Probe / Hudson Soft
Sports Trivia Championship Edition Game Gear SEGA
Spot goes to Hollywood Saturn / 32X Virgin Interactive Ent.
Street Fighter II movie Saturn Capcom
Street Fighter Legends Saturn Capcom
Street Fighter: The Movie Saturn Capcom / Acclaim
Super Return of the Jedi Game Gear THQ
The Great Counting Caper with the
3 Blind Mice
Pico Caps Software Inc.
T-Mek 32X Time Warner Interactive
TNT Bass Tournament of Champions Genesis American Softworks
Trivial Persuit Sega-CD Parker Brothers
Urban Strike Genesis / Megadrive THQ
Varuna's Forces Saturn JVC
Vectorman Genesis / Megadrive SEGA
Vertigo (Scorcher) Saturn Scavenger
Viewpoint Saturn EA
Virtua Cop Saturn SEGA
Virtua Fighter Saturn / 32X SEGA
Virtua Fighter 2 Saturn SEGA
Virtua Hamster 32X SEGA
Virtua Racing Deluxe Saturn Time Warner Interactive
VR Troopers Genesis / 32X / GG SEGA
Waterworld Genesis / Megadrive System 3 / Ocean
Wing Commander III Saturn EA
World Series Baseball 32X SEGA
Worldwide Soccer (Victory Goal) Saturn SEGA
Worms Genesis / Megadrive Ocean
X-Men 32X Scavenger / SEGA
X-Men: Mojo World Game Gear SEGA
X-Perts Genesis / Megadrive SEGA
Zaxxon's Motherbase 32X SEGA
Zoop Genesis / GG / Saturn Viacom





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